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7 Amazing Ways To Stop Your Desk Chair From Rolling

7 Amazing Ways To Stop Your Desk Chair From Rolling

Let’s face it: most people spend so much time sitting on their desks daily—whether it’s a white-collar job or a work-at-home job.

Most chairs are comfortable, but some might annoy you from time to time, especially when they start rolling.

If your chair behaves this way, you should know placing your chair on a slight slope can be one of the causes. Even though such problems can be dealt with quickly, it will still require you to know the proper steps to follow.

This post will walk you through practical methods that’ll help you stop your desk chair from rolling. Assist you in sorting out the issue with your chair, having, so it doesn’t constantly move while you’re busy.

1. Try Hands-Free Brake Casters

It’s possible to incorporate something into your desk chair to restrain it or make it efficient for you to use it without it having to roll. Hands-free brake casters can help you stop the desk chair from moving.

Hands-free brake casters are added to the chair wheels to act as a restraint. Once the brake casters are added to your chair, you can use your leg or feet to switch on the brakes so that the chair can roll.

Hands-free brake casters are suitable for most desk chair users because you can place them on the wheels, and they’ll snap fast into place without requiring any added effort.

Besides, it doesn’t permanently restrain you from moving your chair, especially when you want to get something that’s far away from you. 

This is the best method you can use to solve the situation. Those who prefer cycling equipment under their desks use the hands-free brake caster to make their lives simpler. Even if you’re using your desk chair for video games, it should work just fine.

However, not all brake casters are easy to use, like those switched on and off using your leg. Sometimes your leg can fail, and you have to bend over to engage it.

The other different models of brake casters that are popular among many people are the ones that set the brakes on when you sit on the chair. This indicates that immediately you sit down, the chair isn’t going to move again even if you want to push it a bit forward to get closer to the desk.

For you to settle for the best possible brake caster, you will have to research more by visiting stores physically or online and checking the one that will ultimately be best suited for your purpose.

Generally, using a hands-free brake caster is the best solution you can get when you’re keen on restraining your chair from constantly rolling over. However, you’ll have to find the best fit for you.

2. Set the Chair On An Area Rug

Your chair is rolling because your floor is slippery. To prevent this occurrence, place your chair on something that will keep it in place.

A rug will serve you well by preventing your desk chair from rolling. Place it below your desk chair to add a firm grip to it. You can buy a small area rug if you have a tight budget and probably don’t want larger ones.

However, using a rug to stop your desk chair from rolling comes with some shortcomings. For example, you’ll find it hard moving around with your desk chair. In other words, you’ll not be able to get something far from you by just moving around using your chair. 

It’s also important to note that plastic mats are specifically designed for use under the chair. These mats add grip on the floor and ensure it stays in place, so you’ll never worry about your desk chair rolling around. To many people, a rug is a perfect solution to stopping your chair from moving around.

Finally, office workers value aesthetics more than any other thing. They always want to ensure everything looks perfect and well placed—they’re not looking for sub-par solutions that’ll continue haunting them over time. If this is the case with your employees, an area rug may not suit them—so you’ll need to find a suitable solution.

3. Use A Strap To Hold The Chair

Here’s another perfect solution to stopping your chair from rolling—a strap to keep it in place. Usually, many under-the-desk cycle products that you use might be improvised to make your chair steady. However, it’s important to note that they usually come with simple straps to hold your chair perfectly.

You can also buy a strap and use it to fasten your chair to another fixed point so that it doesn’t move or roll when you don’t need it to. The best option is to attach it to your desk or anything near you.

Like any other solution we have discussed in this post, this remedy also comes with a series of limitations. For example, if you go for this remedy, please know that you’ll not be able to roll your chair or move it freely if you want to get something. Additionally, it limits the motion your desk chair has, which will at some point irritate you.

Finally, it’s important to note that the strap is not permanently placed, and you can easily remove it anytime you feel you don’t need it. So before you settle for this option, kindly consider if it will be the best fit for you or if it will effectively serve your purpose. In a nutshell, consider your preferences before setting for straps.

4. Simple Caster Stoppers

Another method most people ignore is using a simple caster stopper which ensures your desk chair doesn’t roll and stays in position.  

Simple caster stoppers are inexpensive and easy to use. The whole idea involves buying simple shaped blocks of wood or plastic specifically designed to fit close to limit your desk chair from rolling perfectly.

Many people use this caster stopper to ensure that their desk chairs or any other chairs don’t slide on hardwood floors. It’s logical to use this mainly for furniture items that will not be moved often.

For example, it makes sense to use stoppers mainly on your couch as it’s more obvious you’ll not want to move it around all the time.

However, using simple caster stoppers requires you to manually station the caster every time you want to use the desk chair. You’ll have to bend it down to adjust every time you need to move the chair backward.

5. Use Foam Below The Chair

Is it possible that you have any foam material that could be valuable to help you solve the issue of your desk chair rolling?

There are slim chances that you have any material, but you should know that those who have had success cut out a square block of foam and strategically placed it under the chair to keep it intact. The trick is to place the block of foam directly to the center of your chair.

If you have perfectly and appropriately placed the foam block, nothing prevents your chair from being steady when you are busy working throughout the day.

However, ensure that you don’t make the foam block too thick to prevent you from rolling your chair at all. Because the main reason you’re doing this is to ensure the chair moves less due to subtle movement.

The important thing is you’re not limited to a specific type of foam—you can get any foam, as long as it will serve you. You can use all kinds and still achieve great results—and there are no risks in trying out different ones. If this method is suitable for you, use it, but you have other options if not.

6. Look For New Wheels

If you’re not a big fan of wheels on your chair because it makes you uncomfortable with how it moves, then I’d suggest replacing them entirely. It has become easier these days to find easy-gliding casters that will help you sit in a stationary position without moving at all.

Many people prefer stationary chairs instead of traditional rolling desk chairs. It might seem complicated to replace the wheels with the gliding caster, but in reality, it’s not that complicated—you just need to shop around and get the best deals within your locality. 

It’s easy to remove the wheels of most office desk chairs, but it will take you a couple of minutes to ensure that the gliding caster is in position. However, that’s something you shouldn’t worry about when you are looking for the best solution to stop your desk chair from rolling. 

In some cases, you might not need to change the wheels. It could be that your wheels aren’t just appropriately fixed. If this is the case, find a way to fix them to function as intended.

In a few instances, it’s always about a bad set of wheels that are too slippery, causing discomfort and distraction when you’re busy at work. If this is the case, buying a new set of desk chairs with good wheels will solve your problem.

You now need to know whether you’re going to replace the wheels with gliders or with a new set of wheels that has grip. This will depend on how you feel, but I’m sure that this method should work well. Weigh your options and go for the best solution that’ll solve your problems.

7. Invest In A New Chair

Replacing your chair with a new one is an option many people chose to avoid, but you could settle for the best solutions. Most people who decided to pursue this option are often driven by their chair not functioning correctly, causing all sorts of issues.

There are many reasons why people might opt for new chairs. For example, it could be that your previous chair cost you a fortune, and therefore the issue of another chair doesn’t sound like a good idea to you. But what do you think? Would you rather buy a cheap chair and replace it every month, or would you rather invest in a high-quality chair that’ll serve you longer? 

In case the chair you are using currently didn’t cost you much, upgrading to a better one wouldn’t be a second thought—it’s something you’d welcome right off the bat.

If you finally choose to buy a new chair, do your market research properly. Check the past customer reviews and see whether the chair you are about to purchase is better than what you have. Ask around friends and relatives to know what chair they are using and whether it’s serving them well.

It’s called due diligence—if you do it right, you’ll end up purchasing the best chair that’ll not be rolling when you are busy doing your office projects.


Whatever option you will choose from any of the solutions discussed above, ensure that you have settled for a long-term solution. Also, please consider your preferences and your overall objective before deciding on any of the hacks above.