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5 Smart Ways to Stop Geese From Pooping in the Yard

5 Smart Ways to Stop Geese From Pooping in the Yard

Geese droppings are beneficial to lawns. Let’s be honest. Their droppings boast a considerable amount of nitrogen, which the grasses need to thrive. 

But let’s face it; the droppings from geese are quite prodigious. One goose releases 2 to 4 pounds of waste daily. Now, imagine what would happen when a ton of these birds stop by your lawn. They’ll undoubtedly render it unusable. 

Geese’s poop is toxic to humans and even other animals. The poop boasts diverse parasites, including E.coli, which affects humans. So, no property owner would like to have such a bird around. Don’t forget that there’s a high chance that geese would poop when they come around. 

Now, the question is how to prevent geese from passing their droppings in your yard. If you’re looking for a solution to this problem, keep reading.   

What Attracts Geese to Your Yard?

It’s difficult solving a problem when you originally don’t know the cause of the problem. You’re halfway to solving a problem when you know the cause of the problem. 

The first crucial question is, what keeps attracting geese to your yard? Is it how tidied up the lawn is? What are you doing that’s fueling these birds’ constant visit to your yard? Let’s find out. 

You’re making food available knowing and unknowingly

Food is one of the things encouraging geese to stop by your yard. It can also attract any bird or animal besides geese. 

Many homeowners are making the mistake of feeding the few geese they find around their property, thinking others won’t show up. Over time, they start seeing tons of them visiting to partake in the goodwill. 

If you don’t want geese to visit your yard from time to time, stop making food available to them. Keep in mind that all animals find places they can get food without struggling, attractive. 

A Handy Tip: Educate your entire household on the need to stop feeding geese or any other animal that can mess up the yard. As for geese, let your family understand that having the birds around is dangerous. Their droppings can make the lawn unusable. 

We have stylishly explained how many homeowners make food available to geese that encourage the birds to visit their yards often. Now, how do you make food available to geese unknowingly? 

It’s simple. Your rubbish bin is easily accessible to the birds. Additionally, grains are scattered all around your rubbish bin. 

The availability of shelter in your yard

The shelter is very crucial to living things. We humans can’t survive without it. If you’re not providing food to visiting geese knowingly or unknowingly, then the one thing that brings them to your yard is shelter. 

So, if you have shelter around your yard, somewhere that geese can nest, then get ready to find them around more often.  

The geese are too comfortable in your yard

How do people make geese comfortable whenever they visit their yards? This question might be running through your mind now. 

However, you’re unknowingly helping geese to build confidence whenever they come around. How? Geese don’t enjoy staying in a yard or field that boasts tall trees or grasses. They hate finding themselves in a place where they can’t have proper knowledge of what’s around them. 

With tall plants, particularly grasses, the geese would be assuming that there are predators waiting behind those tall plants. And consequently, they may not waste much time or even step foot in your yard. 

So, don’t allow geese to be comfortable stepping into your yard. Use every means possible to scare or make them uncomfortable stepping into your yard. 

You’re not doing enough to chase them away

When geese walk into your yard, and you don’t chase them away, then you’re encouraging them to stop by more often. 

However, if you make them feel unwelcomed, chances are they won’t like to stop by your yard over time.  

So, start chasing geese away, but ensure that you or whatever means you’re using doesn’t lead to the birds’ demise. 

Geese have free access into your yard

Have you thought about fencing your yard? If no, chances are you would be seeing geese from time to time. 

However, fencing would make it difficult for geese to walk into your lawn and mess the place up. It’s an indication to the birds that you don’t want your yard trespassed. So, even if they can fly and find their way into your yard, they have to fly out and not walk. 

You have a gorgeous pond

If you have a pond nearby, probably close to your home, you may find geese around your property now and then. Geese boast an undeniable love for the water. And there are obvious reasons for that. 

Firstly, after eating, they need to consume water to aid digestion. The water clears up the geese’s sinuses and allows them to breathe. Failure to drink water after eating means they’ll have challenges breathing correctly. 

So, if you have food sources and a pond around your property, then you have the right combination to keep attracting geese. 

Besides drinking, geese also enjoy playing and taking their bath in freshwater.

Your manicured lawn attracts them

The yard is another thing that attracts geese. If the lawn were well-manicured, enabling the geese to have a good view on every side, then they would be glad to come around. 

Let’s also not forget that geese feed on grasses. And if you live close to a lake, river, or water body, they’ll stop by your yard from time to time.  

What Problems Do Geese Can Cause?

There are reasons many people react when geese come around to their yards. It’s not because they’re birds and come around in pairs or more. It’s because of the trouble they can cause. Let’s find out.

1. Damage lawns

It’s no news that geese cherish grasses. And that’s one reason not to have them around your house. Imagine having a bunch of geese feeding on your well-manicured lawn now and then.

They’ll not only deface your lawn but leave droppings, which can make the lawn unusable and unsafe for anyone. 

2. Toxic droppings

Even if you can cope with geese consuming grasses on your lawn, can you do the same for their droppings? That’s not possible. Geese’s droppings are toxic. 

These birds’ droppings boast E. coli, campylobacter, coliform, giardia, salmonella, and cryptosporidium germs.       

3. Contamination of ponds

Geese can mess up your pond, thanks to the unbelievable amount of droppings that come out of them. On average, these birds release approximately 2 to 4 pounds of waste daily. So, it would take long for a group of geese to mess up a pond or even a pool.   

A Handy Tip: Geese’s droppings boast a prodigious amount of nitrogen and phosphorus. Thus, when released, these nutrients can aid the growth of algae and weeds within and around your pond.   

5 Smart Ways To Stop Geese From Pooping in the Yard

Can you prevent geese from pooping in your yard? Yes, you can. It hasn’t come to pass because you haven’t been applying the proper techniques. Now, check out 5 intelligent methods to prevent geese from dropping waste and making your yard unusable.  

1. Take the food away

It’s time to take away the wildlife feeder or birdfeeder and keep your trash area tidied up. As for the bird feeders, endeavor to keep them away for a season or more. When the geese return and don’t find food, as usual, they’ll gradually stop coming to your yard. 

2. Prevent the birds from nesting

Take a walk around your yard. Can you find where the geese have started nesting? If yes, then get to work. Try placing a huge object where the birds are nesting to prevent them from gaining access to that spot. 

Keep in mind that if you allow geese to nest around your yard, you’ll find it more difficult to stop them from trespassing your yard. 

3. Mount a fence

Having a fence mounted around your property will make it difficult for geese to walk into your property with so much freedom. If they dare to try such, they’ll be greeted by your fence. The fence doesn’t have to be too high. 

4. Give them a scare

You can scare geese in several ways. You can tie a bunch of used CD plates around your property. Let the reflective surface face the possible areas where the birds can come from. 

Other ways to scare geese:

  • Use fake coyote
  • Make the environment noisy
  • Maintain tall grasses and bush

5. Use liquid goose repellants

If you want to make your lawn irritating and uncomfortable for geese, deploy the liquid repellant. The beauty about this goose repellant is that it would keep geese at bay even in your absence. 

However, you should be ready to make some small investment from time to time, as the goose repellant usually finishes after many uses.    


So, how can you stop geese from passing their droppings in your yard? As you can see in this post, we shared a couple of ways you can do that.

Geese droppings are toxic. They boast parasites that can be dangerous to humans. And when geese land on your pond, they can leave the same damage. The issue is with their droppings, which is much. 

So, if you have been struggling with how to chase geese away and ensure they don’t release their waste in your yard, you’re in the right place.