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13 Smart Ways to Stop Pigeons From Sitting on the Fence

13 Smart Ways to Stop Pigeons From Sitting on the Fence

Pigeons are the type of bird no one wants near their property. They can get messy in seconds. I’m sure nobody wants to clean up bird poop from their fence every day. If you notice Pigeon movements around your fence increasing, you have to act quickly and get rid of them.

Fortunately, there are various techniques you can use to stop Pigeons from frustrating you by invading your fence. You just need to follow the steps keenly to avoid missing integral parts on how you can restrict Pigeons from your fence.

To know more about how to stop Pigeons from sitting on your fence, read on!

What Attracts the Pigeons on the Fence?

Mostly it’s always Pigeons of the opposite gender attracting other Pigeons, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s always food and shelter that makes Pigeons love sitting on the fence.

Pigeons also love hanging out with kind people (People who give them food) as they are intelligent enough to remember who was mean and helpful.

However, being wild animals, Pigeons always have to put their best interest first as their safety is always in jeopardy. So what attracts Pigeons on the fence?

1. Shelter       

We’ve all probably seen Pigeons clustered near our homes or ornate buildings trying to get comfortable by building nests. Pigeons find ornate buildings or old homes a great place to seek shelter for longevity.

Apart from ornate buildings, Pigeons have other shelter preference places such as recesses, ledges, statutes, overhangs and sometimes solar panels. However, it’s not always easy for these birds to find nesting places because not all areas are safe for them to raise their young hatchlings.

2. Food

Pigeons’ other necessity is food. Yes, food is essential, and that’s what they spend most of the day tirelessly looking for. So if you want to attract Pigeons to your place, then laying out grains, seeds and water is a decent place to start.

But why do pigeons find your backyard or home attractive? It’s mainly because you might be providing all the necessities that they spend their good time searching for. However, for woodland Pigeons, bushes and trees are their happy place.

3. Your Garden

Happy days for Pigeons! Gardens play a vital role in whether there will be Pigeons around your place or not. Why? Because your garden might just have enough foodstuff, seeds bearing flowers which these birds love and if it’s fenced, then their security is catered for.

Perhaps you’re a bird lover, but you don’t know where or how to start. It’s easy—put out bird feeders so that you can easily attract the types of birds that inhabit your area. Also, consider providing clean water to attract Pigeons.

13 Smart Ways to Stop Birds Like Pigeons From Sitting on the Fence

1. Eliminate Food and Water Sources

The one primary reason why pigeons might be showing up around your fence and getting too comfortable is that there’s food and water. Pigeons are brilliant, and so they’ll do anything just to find food and water, even if it means disturbing your peace of mind.

If you notice pigeons around your fence, ask yourself, is there a pool of water around or food that suits them? Once you’ve answered these questions, then getting rid of Pigeons will be easier. You’ll only need to remove any traces of food and water.

Clear your compound by picking up berries or fruits that might have fallen from nearby trees or bushes. Similarly, remove any water source to make your fence less appealing for Pigeons.

2. Scare Them Using Decoys

A decoy is a replica of a bird used by many people to scare away birds. The truth is that you won’t always be at home to chase Pigeons every time, and even if you were available, it’s still tiresome. That’s why you need a decoy.

Pigeons are terrified of decoys, especially owl ones. Although decoys are relatively expensive, it is still worth considering you’re having a nightmare trying to get rid of Pigeons. But if you manage to buy a decoy, let it be an owl decoy.

Owl decoys petrify pigeons, and as someone keen on getting rid of Pigeons from your fence, you must take advantage of this opportunity. Simply place an owl decoy on the wall where Pigeons like to congregate and wait for the magic to happen. The owl decoy looks like a real owl, and it will scare these birds off.

It might be even a better idea to purchase multiple owl decoys so that you get pigeons off your territory as quickly as possible. Indeed, as time goes by, Pigeons will notice that the owl decoys aren’t real and so it will be better if you move the decoys just to trick Pigeons from time to time.

3. Use Bird Spikes

I know what you’re thinking. “Bird spikes? Not for me!” but first, hear me out. It’s true nobody wants to injure birds in the process of restricting them from their property. But we have to note that bird spikes can be used as a visual deterrent. How? Because Pigeons or any type of bird don’t like shiny objects.

So if the permanent solution which might cause damage to the Pigeons is not for you, then go with the visual deterrent. The great thing about bird spikes is that they are relatively cheap, and the maintenance cost is also favorable. Besides, it’s improbable that you’ll get to the point where you have to repair it.

4. Use Bird Repellent Gels

If you’ve heard about bird repellent gels, then you’ve probably doubted if it works, which is okay. So how does the bird gel work? You only need to place some of the gel on the fence so that when Pigeons come, the gel sticks on their foot and irritates them and so they won’t wish to come back again.

The bird repellent gel is a great way to restrict Pigeons from getting too comfortable on your fence without hurting or killing them. Don’t worry about how the gel will make your surface look because, However, when shopping for a bird repellent, go for one with a high rating. It’s safe to use it on your roof or fence. However, when shopping for a bird repellent, go for one with a high rating.

5. Use Reflective Tape

Another fantastic way to restrict birds on your property is through the use of reflective tape. A reflective tape confuses Pigeons through the reflections, and as we know, birds hate reflection because they can’t process it. 

Reflective tapes are bought at most department stores at affordable prices. Hung the reflective tapes near the fence. This will ensure that Pigeons see your fence or property as a nightmare rather than a food and shelter opportunity.

If you don’t find reflective tape to be exciting to use, well, I’ve got you covered. Use old reflections you’ve had in your house for ages like some old mirror or CDs you don’t play with anymore.

Trust me—reflective objects work perfectly by scaring away pigeons from your property. You should try it out if you want to get rid of Pigeons as quickly as possible. It will be wrong not to mention that reflective objects are used in conjunction with other methods; they can do wonders.

6. Consider Pigeon Spikes

Pigeon spikes are helpful as they deter these birds from taking up residence or chilling on your fence over the fear of pain. Moreover, you’ll be placing a strip of spikes on your wall so that no bird wants to land there.

The great thing about Pigeon spikes is that it’s effortless to install them, and also, they are relatively cheap, which is a tremendous financial win. Anytime pigeons try landing on your fence, they’ll realize that it will be costly and painful.

This is a spectacular way to deal with Pigeons if you’re tired of seeing them on your fence every day. After installing these spikes, Pigeons will see your fence as a roosting place, and none of them will attempt to get closer.

If you don’t have enough spikes and Pigeons find a place along your fence to take shelter, the only bad thing is that if you don’t have enough spikes and Pigeons find a spot along your fence. So for a Pigeon-free environment, buy enough spikes.

7. Install an Automatic Water Jet

Yes, some homeowners aren’t afraid of combat. They are willing to take all their chances and make sure they get rid of Pigeons. And what a great way to open combat with Pigeons if it’s not with an automatic water jet.

However, we can’t always be standing outside waiting for Pigeons; that’s why we have automatic water jets. Just like the name, it forcefully shoots water which will get Pigeons flying to safety. It just needs you to connect it to your hose or irrigation system.

The automatic water jet comes with a long-lasting controlled battery, and an impressive sensitive motion sensor activates the sprinkler when motion is detected. 

8. Trap and Get Rid of Them

I know most of you were waiting for trapping. Well, as well as it is used in removing unwanted pests, it can also be used to capture and clear out Pigeons. However, nothing is exciting about Pigeon traps other than catching that; why disagree with them and then releasing them as far as possible from your home.

Pigeon traps are double doors so that you can trap them from either side without having to do too much. When the Pigeons hit the trigger plates as they get in, the door will automatically close, trapping the Pigeons.

9. Create Some Homemade Remedies

With all the techniques above, I’m sure there are creative ways to develop your homemade remedies to deal with Pigeons. For instance, you can scare Pigeons with visual devices.

You can use reflective materials such as mirrors or anything shiny just to get on the nerves of Pigeons so that they leave you alone.

If you have adequate, by all means, try making your scary predator or owl scare away Pigeons. I’ve heard some use rice to kill Pigeons and reduce their population, which I disagree with but as long as you’re comfortable with your technique, execute it.

10. Try Gel

Since most of us don’t prefer using Pigeon spikes on top of our fences because of its harsh nature, you can try the gel. The gel will make the fence slippery, and the Pigeons won’t be in control anymore.

Gel has worked out for most people or homeowners who have had enough of Pigeons getting too comfortable on their fence. The great thing is that applying gel doesn’t cause any harm to the Pigeons or destroy your wall.

11. Use Bird Netting

Bird netting is a popular move most homeowners use to keep birds off their property. The netting deters Pigeons specifically from landing on certain parts of your fence. You simply need to install the netting on your fence and your set.

The positioning and location of your fence will determine if the netting technique will work for you. But as long as your fence position makes it easy for you to get the net up and secure it, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

12. Try Ultrasonic Pigeon Repellent

Ultrasonic devices are by far one of the best ways to deter Pigeons from your property. These tiny devices play sounds at frequencies that humans can’t adopt. Pigeons will be frustrated by these sounds, especially since most of these devices play predator sounds, and this will make these birds think twice before moving closer to the fence.

Place the ultrasonic Pigeon repellent just near the fence, play it and watch the pace at which Pigeons fly away. This method will take Pigeons a long time before they even think of coming back to disturb you.

Ultrasonic Pigeon repellents are accessible in solar-powered variants, which is excellent as you don’t have to worry about changing them frequently.

13. Sprinkle Predator Urine

As awkward as it sounds, predator animal urines easily scare away Pigeons, and so it will be helpful if you adopt it in your plan. Pigeons are terrified of owls, so why not use owl urine to make them even more nervous?

Owl urine can be acquired through sprays bought from stores that come in synthetic or real owl urine. Spray the urine on the fence to make Pigeons leave your space. This technique is essential to make Pigeons not hang around your fence. However, it will make your fence smelly.

Depending on where your fence is located, it might not be great to spray owl urine as it might make your visitors or even you uncomfortable with the bad, irritating smell. But it’s still an option for those who feel they can use it.