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Suspicious Car Parked in Front of My House: What To Do?

Suspicious Car Parked in Front of My House: What To Do?

When you look out your window and see a strange vehicle parked in front of your apartment, it’s natural to feel a little uncomfortable. Your mind begins to race with all the many clues that may account for why it is there. If you called the cops, would it be stupid to do? Wouldn’t it be an extreme response to the situation?

Since there are a lot of factors to think about, we have outlined everything you need to do and when you must do it to keep yourself and your community safe from an unusual car.

What Can I Do If I See a Suspicious Car Parked in Front of My House?

Contact the Cops

If you see a strange car parked across from your home, you should first make an instant phone call to the cops. This is a proactive method of alerting law enforcement in an emergency.

For the cops to send somebody to your vicinity and know what to search for, you should tell them exactly where you are and give them an overview of the car.

After you have called the police, you must remain inside your home; under no circumstances should you attempt to walk outside to see who is in the vehicle. A bugler might be lurking in the strange car, and you could be robbed or perhaps injured.

File a Report Online

If you’d rather not speak with the cops face-to-face, the most accessible approach is to report a suspicious vehicle online. The easiest way to accomplish this is to go to your municipal website or the cops’ department’s website to see whether their email address is listed there.

How To Report a Suspicious Car in My Neighborhood?

Call the authorities if you see a car acting suspiciously in your area. If there is a passenger in the vehicle, dial the emergency number for your city. However, if a car has been left unattended, you should phone the police station in your area to complain.

If you see a strange vehicle with someone inside, this might indicate that a crime might occur, and you should call the police immediately. It’s reasonable to think that it’s a stolen car, but because nobody is in imminent danger, this isn’t a situation that warrants an emergency response.

The officers will ask you questions designed only to ascertain your location and the vehicle’s appearance. In addition, they will look up the owner of the car by running the license plate number through their system.

Also, you can also report through the police website via mail. A street name is all that is needed to remain anonymous to the cops if you choose to stay so. If the cops receive your email, they will immediately dispatch a team to investigate the matter.

I See a Person Sitting in a Car Outside of My House at Night: What To Do?

If you see a suspicious person sitting in a car outside your apartment, call the cops as soon as possible. There is a risk that the individual inside the vehicle is plotting a theft or something much more severe.

Do not sit about waiting for the other person to finish what they are doing or to go, and do not presume that another person will get in touch with you. At this moment, your first goal should be ensuring that you are safe from the other individual.

Be ready to tell the authorities your precise address and a description of the vehicle in question. Do not reach the car under any circumstances, and do not leave your home until the police have arrived.

It would help if you considered putting in security cameras with night vision or placing motion-detecting lights outside your home to ward off any potential intruders in the future. Both of these measures will help keep you secure.


Car Parked Outside My House For Days And Months: What To Do?

If you see a vehicle parked in front of your apartment for days and months, you have two options: remove the car or track down its owner. Here are a few options to consider.

Speak To Your Next-Door Neighbor

Neighbors, as someone once remarked, are as crucial as investigators. They generally maintain a close eye on the whole area, its residents, and everything else.

As a result, if you have no idea who parked in front of your property, consider asking your neighbors. When you give them extra necessary details and sit down for a morning coffee, I bet you will learn the person’s name.

Get The Vehicle Hauled Away

Aside from contacting the police, you may also have the car hauled away on your own if you have been stuck there for days because of the indefinite blockade imposed by the vehicle.

Please keep in mind that this approach is just for individuals who cannot commit sufficient time to this subject without the assistance of law enforcement. As a result, you should phone the towing service and provide them with all the necessary information, and they will remove the vehicle from your area.

Alternatively, you can wait a few more weeks to see whether the automobile’s owner shows up. It’s a popular strategy, and it may work for you.

Can I Report a Car Parked in Front of My House?

A strange car can undoubtedly be reported to the cops, mainly if it is late at night. A vehicle making you feel uncomfortable at any hour of the day should be reported to the authorities as soon as possible.

If a stranger spends hours in their vehicle, it may not be a problem, or it may be. Alternatively, you may contact the police if you feel threatened, such as if they can see into your home. It’s not ideal that a stranger can look into your home while parked in their vehicle for hours. You can call the cops if you’re genuinely concerned about it.

Even yet, it’s possible that their only goal is to keep the peace. You can let it go if they’re looking at their phone or smoking. It’s best to notify the cops if you see them snapping photographs or lurking in the shadows too often. It’s better to be on the safe side than on the wrong one.

How Long Can a Car Sit in Front of My House?

According to the regulations governing parking in the United States, a vehicle can be assumed as abandoned if it has been in the exact location for more than 72 hours. Therefore, if you have stopped your vehicle for loading or unloading luggage, your car will be considered “stopped,” even if it has been doing so for more than an hour.

If you stop and park your car, you’ll see that there’s an important distinction. Stopping a vehicle signifies that you have halted the vehicle’s loading or unloading of items. When comparing stopping to parking, timing is an essential consideration.

On the other hand, parking a car necessitates stopping the vehicle longer than required. If you’ve pulled over to the side of the road to answer a phone call, you’ve parked your vehicle, not stopped it. It doesn’t matter whether you parked the automobile for only five minutes; Stopping and parking are equivalent in terms of how long it takes for a vehicle to be parked.

Can I Call The Cops For Suspicious Cars or Suspicious Activity?

Anything that makes you feel frightened or unpleasant is considered suspicious behavior. You can also report suspicious activities to the police. You and your neighbors are at risk if you don’t call the police to investigate suspicious activities.

When a vehicle sits in front of your home for an extended period with no sign of its occupants getting out, that’s a red flag. It might also be the continual movement of a vehicle on your street.

Typically, when someone parks their vehicle, they leave it and continue on their way to their destination. So someone merely sitting in their automobile may be up to something. When a car parks in the same area again or drives slowly past, that’s a red flag.

In most cases, thieves would sit in a vehicle waiting for someone to depart before entering a residence to explore the area. There is a possibility that the individual is not a burglar but is instead engaged in a different kind of criminal activity.

Please do not assume that another person has phoned since it is probable that everyone else is making that assumption as well. When you contact the police, they will arrive as quickly as possible.

Why Would Someone Sit in Their Car For Hours?

There are several reasons, some of which are harmless while others are not, why someone would stay in their car for an extended period. Here are a few of the most often seen examples:

  • After a hard day, the person wants some tranquility apart from their family so that they may perhaps unwind and relax.
  • They were disoriented when going through their phone.
  • They want to have some time to themselves before going into their home.
  • They might be so engrossed in a podcast or video.

On the other side, a person could have evil intents, such as the following:

  • Some individuals wait in their vehicles outside unoccupied homes to spy on the occupants and make copious notes of the best times to break in.
  • They may be following someone or plotting something much more terrible.


It’s important to always go with your instincts when you have a suspicion something is off. In most cases, you can rely on your intuition. Taking precautions is always preferable to making an error. Also, don’t worry about annoying the cops; it’s their duty to keep you safe.