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Can You Put a Treadmill On a Hardwood Floor? (Answered)

Can You Put a Treadmill On a Hardwood Floor? (Answered)

Treadmills are one of those exercise and fitness equipment that make a home gym complete. They suit most individuals, regardless of fitness levels. This machine also offers you a more efficient and convenient way to workout. 

The treadmills are used indoors. But before you place one on your beautiful hardwood floor, ask yourself, is it going to be safe? Will the hardwood floor retain its look, given the weight, and how treadmills function? Don’t forget; you would also be adding to that weight when you step on this machine for your daily exercise routine. 

So, can you put your treadmill on the hardwood floor? Continue reading to find out. 

Is it Safe to Put a Treadmill on a Hardwood Floor?

If you’re planning to lay your treadmill bare on your hardwood floor, you need to reconsider this decision. Placing a treadmill on a hardwood floor, just like that, is NOT safe. It’s not safe for the floor; neither is it safe for the machine.  

So, why is it unsafe to place a treadmill on a hardwood floor?

The reason is because of the equipment’s weight. Treadmills are quite heavy. Stepping on the equipment would also add to its weight. 

Many motorized treadmills that are used at home weigh between 200 to 220 lbs. Then let’s imagine you weigh 200 lbs. That would be 400 lbs or 420 lbs of weight resting on your hardwood floor. Most treadmills weigh up to 455 lbs, which is a lot of weight combined with the user’s weight.  

So, before placing a treadmill on your hardwood floor, keep in mind that the weight of this machine can make visible indentations on your hardwood floor. It tears vinyl flooring apart. 

Another reason treadmills are considered unsafe on hardwood floors is because they are unstable when in use. Thus, they could slip and slide on your hardwood floor, creating damaging and unattractive scratches.

Therefore, whether in use or not, keep in mind that placing a treadmill on a hardwood floor is unsafe. Avoid doing this for the safety of your floor and the machine itself.  

But then, just because you have a hardwood floor doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t use a treadmill. There are ways you can ensure your hardwood is safe when you place a treadmill on it. Let’s shed some light on that.

What Do You Put Under a Treadmill on Hardwood Floors?

Manufacturers of treadmill recommend placing a treadmill mat underneath the equipment. It’s way better than laying the equipment on the floor, just like that . There are also various benefits this offers besides protecting your hardwood floor. 

5 Important Reasons To Buy a Treadmill Mat

1. Keeps your floor safe

Not just hardwood floors, do you know treadmills can damage even a rigid surface? Yes, it can when you don’t place a good quality mat underneath. 

As earlier said, treadmills are quite heavy. More so, the weight increases when you stand and run on a treadmill.  This machine also boasts tiny feet that may crack into your hardwood floor or other surfaces, given its weight.  

So, if you want to avoid chips, dents, and cracks on your hardwood floor, get a good quality treadmill mat right away. 

2. Keeps the machine from slipping

This is not a matter of quality or design. Even premium treadmills move forward a bit when in use. But you can end this problem and make your fitness equipment stay put while using it. 

The answer to this problem is a treadmill mat. Get a good quality and long-lasting mat. The mat does improve the friction between the floor and underneath the treadmill, thus helping it stay put. 

3. Dampens noise and vibration

You may want to train whenever you deem fit. After all, it’s your house and your treadmill. But ensure you don’t make other people in the house, including your neighbors to feel uncomfortable just because you want to exercise.

So, if you want the vibrations and noise produced by your treadmill to lessen, ensure you have a high-quality mat underneath it. 

Don’t forget that speed, including your weight can increase the noise and vibration of the treadmill. It happens even to high-end treadmills and the budget ones. When you visit fitness centers or health clubs, you would most definitely find a mat under each treadmill. Most clubs and centers may even place a rug throughout the entire surface. 

4. Keeps your treadmill dust-free

Do you know dust and carpet fibers can shorten the lifespan of your precious treadmill? Yes, they both can. Treadmills are quite expensive. Consequently, they’re not the type of investment you want to make now and then. 

So, how can dust particles and carpet fibers damage treadmills? These materials can make their way under the belt. From there, they can enter the machine’s mechanical parts and create havoc. 

While in the mechanical parts, dust particles and carpet fibers may create extra friction, causing the machine to overheat. If this continues, get ready to buy brand new equipment or visit a technician to fix it.  

5. Protects the floor from stains

While your treadmill is working, you should expect the moving part to release some lubricants that could stain the floor. Cleaning such a mess is quite tiring. But if you have a good quality treadmill mat stuck under the machine, you won’t have to bother about cleaning the floor regularly. The mat would absorb the lubricant and keep your floor clean from time to time.  

A handy tip: You can’t just buy any treadmill mat that comes your way. There are diverse things you need to consider first. One of them is the thickness of the mat. Use a thicker mat for a heavy treadmill or if you workout frequently.

Furthermore, ensure the mat size covers every area of the treadmill. Mats made of vinyl or rubber materials are a wise choice, as these are better shock absorbers and eco-friendly.   

What is the Best Place to Put a Treadmill in the House?

If you have a spare office or bedroom that’s a bit spacious, then you can place your treadmill there. But if you don’t, use your living room. Besides, foldable treadmills don’t consume much floor space. You could even fold and place them behind other decors in your living room. 

A handy tip: If the living room doesn’t have much space left, consider mounting your treadmill in your bedroom. Just push your bed to one side of the wall and place the machine on the other side. An excellent way to enjoy better sleep and keep your health in top shape!

Another piece of advice on how to position a treadmill is to pick an open and comfortable spot. Never place a treadmill where there’s usually high traffic in the house or right in the middle of the room. 

Don’t make others feel uncomfortable or put them at risk of getting injured because you want to have a treadmill in the house. So, wherever you finally mount your treadmill, ensure it doesn’t obstruct movement or cause injuries.

However, if you have kids at home and want to ensure no one gets injured, then the garage is the best place to keep your treadmill. At least, you can have it locked up, and your kids won’t toy with it in your absence.  

Can a Treadmill Damage the Floor?

Yes, a treadmill can. This machine is super heavy on its own, and don’t forget you will be adding extra weight while running on it too.

So, laying a treadmill on the floor without a mat isn’t a wise decision. It doesn’t matter if the floor surface comprises tile, concrete, stone, wood, laminate, vinyl, or another type of hard floor. The treadmill can damage them.

Can a Treadmill be Used on an Apartment Floor?

Well, the answer to this hinges on diverse factors. But one thing is clear; if an apartment is structurally sound, you can use even the heaviest treadmill on the floor without any issue. 

For example, let’s say you have a 400 lbs treadmill, and you weigh 250 lbs. The combined weight whenever you step on the equipment would mathematically be 650 lbs. 

While this may seem like a lot of weight to most people, it’s not enough to cause structural damage to an apartment. 

Buildings built to code are expected to support weight per square foot up to 50 lbs. And if the entire floor measures 50 square feet, then you would need a combined weight of over 2500 lbs to cause structural damage to the building. 

So, if you’re concerned that your treadmill might crash through your house floor, sending you to your neighbor’s apartment uninvited, it simply means your apartment wasn’t properly built. If that’s the case, other house items might pose a similar threat, not only this fitness equipment.  

Let’s assume the apartment is structurally sound. Another issue you may have to contend with since your treadmill is on the upper floor is the vibration and noise. Vibrations from this machine could spread throughout the building, causing serious disturbance.  

If your treadmill runs at 47dB (decibels), others living below the equipment will receive 94dB. 

A handy tip:  Technically, the decibel level a treadmill produces depends on speed. At 1, 2, 3 and 4 mph, your treadmill will produce 47dB, 50.1dB, 54dB and 59.8dB, respectively.  

You can see that the noise is loudest from when your treadmill is set at 4 mph. So, when you hit that level and discover that your neighbors are complaining bitterly, you can reduce the speed to lower the noise. 

Another thing you should do is to talk things through with your neighbors. Though it’s your space, you shouldn’t make others feel uncomfortable because you rented the space. 

Is it OK to Keep the Treadmill in the Garage?

Yes, it’s okay to store your treadmill in the garage. It’s considered the best place to keep such a machine for numerous reasons.  

One reason that makes keeping the treadmill in the garage a wise decision is the machine’s noise and disturbance. In the garage, you won’t be disturbing the peace of other members of your household. 

If your house is busy, keeping this heavy piece of equipment in the garage is a no-brainer. Another reason is that because the garage is sometimes colder and well ventilated, leaving your treadmill there can help solve overheating issues. You will also stay cooler during and after your workout sessions. 


Getting a treadmill in your home is a great investment. It will ensure you stay fit and cut on costs. You no longer have to constantly visit the gym to keep fit. 

However, ensure your wooden or hard floor is safe. Treadmills can be super heavy and they move slightly when in use. So, your treadmill may scratch or leave a hole on your floor, making it appear unattractive. We do hope you had a wonderful time reading this article. Thanks for stopping by.