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10 Unique Ways to Freshen Clothes That Have Been in Storage Without Washing Them

10 Unique Ways to Freshen Clothes That Have Been in Storage Without Washing Them

Have you ever been in a situation where you have no other choice but to wear certain clothes you have worn days back?

The clothes in question might have some odor, but you have no other choice but to wear them. 

Individuals who are always on the move because of their jobs can relate. One minute they are home, and the next minute, they are on the go. There might be no time to wash up clothes already in storage. 

Washing clothes after wearing good hygiene practice. But you obviously can’t skip work or dress unfashionably because the right outfit is already in storage. 

We have taken out time to highlight unique ways you can freshen up such clothes. And the best part is you don’t need to wash before wearing them.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive in!

10 Unique Ways to Freshen Clothes That Have Been in Storage Without Washing Them

1. Unleash the dryer sheet Technique

Even if your dirty clothes didn’t smell bad because you used a deodorant, placing them in the storage together with other dirty clothes could cause them to start smelling bad. 

This dryer sheet technique is not to remove stains but make your clothes smell fresh to your nostrils and the people you will come across while wearing the said clothes. 

Now, does the dryer sheet fragrance or brand matter? Of course not! Whatever brand of dryer sheet you apply would undoubtedly cause your clothes to smell better than it was before using the sheet. So, the fragrance or brand doesn’t matter. 

So, how should you go about this dryer sheet technique to freshen up your previously worn clothes? 

The aim is to mix the clothes and dryer sheets. If you possess a dryer, it should make the job easier. Put the clothes you want to freshen up into the dryer, and add two or three dryer sheets, depending on the number of clothes you have in the dryer.  

Let the dryer tumble for a while and that’s it. You will have clothes with a great smell, ready to be worn. 

How these dryer sheets work is remarkable. They help laundry to feel softer and deposit scents in your clothes. They boast ingredients that help to fight and neutralize built-up static’s effects in some fabrics, 

Note: Fabric softeners or dryer sheets are highly beneficial. However, it would help if you never use them for diapers, towels, and other fabrics that come created to absorb. 

2. The air freshener technique

Can air fresheners help freshen up your clothes? Yes, they can. They will cause your clothes to smell fresh, regardless of how long you have them stored together with other unwashed clothes. 

So, how can you use an air freshener to freshen up your clothes? 

Let’s assume you already have an air freshener. Now, place your cloth on a hanger, and spray the inside out, including the armpit area. 

After spraying, you don’t have to wear the clothes immediately. Allow them to air out for 10 to 15 minutes before wearing. 

Note: If your clothes already have a nasty odor, the air freshener won’t eliminate that odor. What it would do for you is to mask it. 

You can use an air freshener to freshen up all types of clothes, including your jeans. Just ensure the product you’re using won’t leave some nasty stains on your clothes once sprayed.  

3. The baking soda technique

You can consider this technique to be the most straightforward and cost-effective. Why? Baking soda is a staple in the kitchen. It has a lot of uses, including acting as a cleaning agent. 

One characteristic that makes baking soda a powerful and desirable cleaning agent is that it can absorb foul odor. People place baking soda in their refrigerators to soak up the bad smell generated by stored food items.

So, how can you use baking soda to freshen up clothes you have already kept in the storage and probably don’t smell nice? 

First off, take a small amount of the baking soda and mix it with water. It should form a paste. 

Now, place the clothes neatly on a hanger and apply the baking soda (paste) to the smelly portion of your clothes, particularly the armpit area. The baking soda will absorb all the smell in no time. 

Note: After applying the baking soda to your clothes, let it dry out for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you can brush off the clothes using a mild brush. 

A second step on how to use baking soda, which many may find simpler, is to place the clothes in a plastic bag and add the baking soda. Now shake the plastic bag vigorously until the baking soda covers up the clothes.

After this, allow the baking soda to remain on the clothes for 10 to 15 minutes (stop shaking the plastic bag at this point), and then you can remove and brush the clothes. 

No matter how horrible the odor smells, baking soda can get rid of it. However, this process won’t remove stains from your clothes, just the odor. 

4. The coffee ground technique

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, chances are you have some leftover coffee ground in your humble abode. 

The coffee ground is the final product you get from coffee after preparation. People consider used coffee grounds as waste and throw them away. But do you know this piece of thrash, as you have been rating it, can help freshen up your clothes when the need arises? 

 So, how can you use coffee grounds to freshen up your clothes?

Get a clean plastic bag and throw in your clothes, together with some coffee ground. Let the clothes remain in the bag overnight. 

Coffee ground work the same way as baking soda. It would absorb the foul smell in your clothes. But unlike baking soda, you don’t need to shake up the plastic bag one bit. 

Note: Coffee grounds are a natural and effective baking soda alternative. They can absorb the foul smell. You can also place a can of coffee grounds in the closet to help remove the stint. 

5. The essential oil technique

The smell produced by essential oils is strong and can mask any foul smell from any day-old cloth. 

Different types of essential oils are in the market. And the reason you should be picky is that some oils boast a stronger smell than the others. 

Lemon, grapefruit, and lavender are examples of powerful essential oil that can make your unwashed clothes smell nice. 

How should you use essential oils to freshen up your clothes? 

The process is simple. Get a spraying bottle, fill it up with water to any level you desire, and add a few drops of essential oil, shake and spray on the clothes.

That’s it. You have succeeded in covering up the body odor on your clothes. 

6. The lemon juice technique

Lemon juice can do many unimaginable things. It’s an all-natural stain remover, meaning it can get rid of stains from your clothes, including plastic containers, grout, and cups. 

Lemon juice also serves as a whitening or bleaching agent. And it can get rid of grime and grease from bathroom and kitchen fixtures and faucets.  

So, how can you use lemon juice to make clothes you already have stored in the storage fresh and wearable?

Apply lemon in water (water shouldn’t be too much) and soak the portion of the clothes you felt the odor is emanating from in the solution. After that, squeeze and air dry (You can also leave it to dry on its own). 

Lemon’s acidity can create a hostile environment for the bacteria responsible for the smell, keeping your clothes fresh and wearable.

7. The natural technique

This technique is one of the simplest and oldest. It doesn’t require any chemical, and you won’t have to splash the cash.  

Bacterial could be produced by body sweat, which causes foul smell if not stopped. So, what you need to do after pulling off your clothes is to turn each of them inside out and sun-dry. Allow the scorching heat of the sun to fall upon your unwashed clothes would prevent the development of any nasty foul smell. 

The sun rays are powerful enough to kill the bacteria that causes odor. You can add some lovely perfume to your clothes to make them smell great.

8. The vinegar technique

Are you wondering if vinegar has the power to get rid of offensive odor from clothes? It sure does. Vinegar’s acidic pH level is low, a reason it can make clothes you have previously worn odor-free.  

Here’s how to use vinegar to freshen up your garment. 

Firstly, turn your clothes inside out. You can place it on a hanger, so you don’t rumple it. Mix your vinegar with water (equal parts) in a spray bottle. Now, spray the entire garment.

Note: You need to stay away from dark vinegar, such as balsamic and red wine. 

You need to ensure the vinegar you’re spraying on the garment won’t leave it with a stain. For that reason, try to test the mixture you have created on a small portion of the garment that’s not too conspicuous before spraying it on the entire garment.

9. The vodka technique

Vodka is a popular alcoholic beverage. But do you know you can use it to make your already worn clothes odorless? Yes, you can.

All you need to do is pour some vodka into a spray bottle (11/2 cups) and water (1/2 cup), shake vigorously and spray it on the garment inside out. 

The fear most people may have about using vodka is the strong alcoholic smell. But the thing is that won’t happen once the garment is dry.  

Note: After spraying the vodka on the garment you had kept in the storage, hang it up for a couple of minutes to air out. 

10. Plan ahead

This may be the last option, but it’s the most important. It would help if you ensure you have the required supplies to freshen up your clothes before the need arise. 

We have listed various items and techniques you can use to freshen up your previously worn clothes and make them odorless. Now think about it. What would happen if you don’t have vinegar, baking soda, air freshener, dryer sheet, vodka, or other supplies needed for this emergency? So, start planning for unforeseen circumstances. You may not need any of the listed items here today, but tomorrow, who knows, you might.


You can have an emergency where the only clothes you plan to wear are lying in the storage, unwashed. If that’s the case, there’s no need to panic. You can use any of the techniques listed in this post to make that garment you plan on wearing odorless and wearable. 

We hope you found the information on this post educating. Thanks for stopping by.