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8 Clever Ways to Get Rid of Mockingbirds (Methods That Work)

8 Clever Ways to Get Rid of Mockingbirds (Methods That Work)

Mockingbirds are all over the world, but that doesn’t make them friendly. On the contrary, they are noisy and aggressive towards people, especially if you move close to their nest despite having no bad intentions. Most people are just not aware of how to get rid of mockingbirds. Here is this guide for them to use and live on peacefully.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had an encounter with mockingbirds, and probably it wasn’t a positive one. This post contains methods you can use to get rid of or avoid mockingbirds without causing harm. Read on.

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8 Clever Ways to Get Rid of Mockingbirds

1. Use Water Guns

Water guns are beneficial when trying to frighten and scare away mockingbirds. Mockingbirds are highly aggressive towards humans, mainly during their mating season, for no good reason.

March till August is the danger period. You should not be close to mockingbirds during this period as it’s their mating times. When you see a mockingbird, it’s better to run before they unleash their wrath on you. 

If these birds get close to your home or you’re attacked by one, what do you do? Can a water gun help? Yes, you’ll need a water gun that launches water at an impressive velocity.

If you’re a skilled shooter, then aiming at mockingbirds shouldn’t be a problem. Discharging your water gun should make the mockingbirds retreat and buy you time to get as far as possible.

However, some people prefer not to get into extra expenses of buying a water gun but instead use a water hose. Using a water hose can be quite a good option, but it’s not a long-term solution as you might not be near your water hose every time mockingbirds attack you.  

Even though it’s logical to defend yourself against mockingbirds, it’s also important to note that you don’t want to pick fights with these aggressive birds. They are dangerous and can hurt humans, and so they should not be underestimated.

Don’t think that using water guns to defend yourself against mockingbirds is a fun activity. It’s not a game, and you can be hurt if you don’t stay away from them. Water guns are only for defense and not to initiate fights.

2. Use Lights

There’s no doubt that light is going to do an incredible job in keeping you secure when mockingbirds attack you. So if carrying a water gun doesn’t sound appealing to you, you should have a flashlight just in case you interact with mockingbirds.

If it gets too dark and mockingbirds attack you, you can use a flashlight to locate them. You can also use a flashlight to scare them away when they start harassing you.

You stand a better chance when battling mockingbirds when you have both the flashlight and the water gun. Flashlights help you spot these birds while the water gun hits and sends them away. More so, flashlights are relatively cheap, and it shouldn’t be a problem when you have issues with mockingbirds.

Having installed outdoor lights in your home is very useful as it helps you keep a keen eye just in case mockingbirds show up. Surely you’ll want to know when mockingbirds are nesting in your home. 

It will be unfortunate to be caught off guard by these birds on your property. Light gives you the privilege to spot any danger caused by mockingbirds. However, for safety reasons, you’ll need to scan outside as regularly as possible.

3. Leverage Owl Decoys

Using an owl decoy is the best way to restrict mockingbirds away from you and your property. Legally, you’re not permitted to get rid of mockingbird nests, but that doesn’t mean you have to entertain them all over your property.

When you set up Owl decoys, most mockingbirds will stay away from most parts of your property. Owl decoys are a way of setting a boundary or perimeter that keeps you safe from dangers caused by mockingbirds taking shelter around your home. 

If you live on a massive piece of land, there are high chances that you’ll need Owl decoys to keep the area safe and secure from mockingbirds. It’s an excellent idea to have a few Owls to restrict any mockingbird nesting around your property or specific parts that you often use.

For those with a barn(a large farmhouse used for storing grains), you’ll need decoys to restrict birds from nesting around that place. Owl decoys are not expensive and so acquiring one shouldn’t be a problem.

Owls are also helpful in scaring away pesky birds. For example, decoys do an excellent job of keeping pigeons away from specific areas. However, pigeons can be a headache, and when you find a way to deal with it, you’ll appreciate it dearly. 

Should you use owl decoys and other methods preemptively? Yes, you should use decoys most of the time so that when mockingbirds migrate, they will not choose your property as a nesting place when they are back from their adventures.

The only way to manage the laws that require you to entertain mockingbirds is by planning. Plan on how you can restrict mocking birds from your property before they build a nest around your home.

4. Irritate them with Loud Sound

If you’re prone to receiving constant attacks by mockingbirds, then it’s vital to know that loud noises can be a great weapon. Most birds get terrified by loud noises, which gives you time and space to evade their constant attacks.

It’s not news that people use loud music to frighten mockingbirds when they are excessively aggressive. However, banging pots and pans when mockingbirds are in your compound might also do the trick.

Although shooting a gun into the ground is dangerous, it will scare mockingbirds away in a split second. However, when shooting, you have to be extra careful not to harm mockingbirds or any person around you.

The law restricts the killing of mockingbirds, and it’s punishable even if it occurred by accident. So if you discharge your gun in a safe area, regulating mockingbirds from your area should go on smoothly.

I understand it’s not easy to find something that can produce a loud sound within seconds. Therefore, you should offer a helping hand to any family members or friends who mockingbirds are attacking.

However, if mockingbirds catch you off guard, I suggest you run. You can also counter this situation by yelling and being noisy to make the bird leave you alone faster. But, this method will not work instantly as you might not be loud enough.

Keep in mind that fighting the bird can bring challenges as you might harm it, which will cause you legal problems. It’s normal to simply swat at the bird when you’re under constant attack, but you don’t want to harm it accidentally.

Even though mocking birds are dangerous and annoying, it is essential to acknowledge that they aren’t durable. They are small and can be killed quite easily by a substantial hit. So control your anger because one aggressive move can cause you tons of problems.


5. Prune Your Trees Regularly

Ensuring your trees are pruned is a great way to keep mockingbirds away from your property. In addition, a well-pruned tree should limit mockingbirds’ options of spots they need to build their nests.

You can also try to remove certain tree branches, but it’s also possible to go overboard and remove trees before mockingbirds build their nests. Cutting down trees isn’t necessary, but mockingbirds will find it hard to nest in your area if there are not enough good trees to call home.

You might not want to cut down trees because they elevate the overall look of your property, but for sure, you can keep them neatly trimmed to give mockingbirds few nest options. If you don’t have time or the skill to trim the trees well, you can get help from a landscaping company that trims trees.

When the tree has been nicely trimmed, pick up the sticks that may have fallen off the tree to give these aggressive birds fewer options of things they can use to build an active nest.

However, trimming your trees or cutting them down will not necessarily stop mockingbirds from being in your residence, but it will discourage them from making your home the number one choice. 

6. Leverage Ultrasonic Bird Deterrents

Using ultrasonic bird deterrents is illegal when the mockingbirds have already set up their nests on your property. So you want to check the exact rules and regulations in your laws about what it says about birds.

However, ultrasonic bird deterrent devices can be beneficial when you’re trying to restrict mocking birds from setting up nests around your home. This device can also be used to regulate birds from crops.

The good thing is that ultrasonic devices are priced favorably. So you can purchase ultrasonic bird deterrents and put them in your yard without encountering any problems.

Most of these gadgets are powered by solar energy, so you don’t have to worry about often replacing their batteries. However, if this sounds like a viable option to you, then you should go ahead and use it.

7. Use Earplugs

Most birds make noise when trying to find mates, and mockingbirds are no exception. If anything, they are worse due to their aggressive nature. If there’s a single male nest in your area, then be sure it will make noise in search of a mate.

It’s hard to hate a bird for sticking to its biological imperative, but that doesn’t mean you have to entertain it in your compound. The law restricts people from harassing mockingbirds, so what should you do?

The most suitable option is to get yourself and your family members the best set of earplugs. Then, you’ll only need to put the earplugs on when the mockingbirds misbehave by being extra noisy. 

Besides standard earplugs, you can also purchase headphones to listen to good music and relax when the noise becomes increasingly irritating.

I agree that mockingbirds can be pretty annoying sometimes, but you should get angry over things you don’t have the power to change—plan to use headphones, earplugs, and other noise-canceling devices if you’re in this situation.

8. Try Magnets

The use of magnets is another lucrative way to avoid dealing with mockingbirds. Do magnets work? It works because mockingbirds use magnetism to know the direction to go.

Use a strong magnet to make it hard for mockingbirds to attack you. The only issue with this is that you might break some laws using a magnet on your property. Also, it might look like you are harassing mockingbirds that have already set up nests in your home. 

Regardless, magnets play a crucial part in fighting mockingbirds. If you’re using magnets with other methods above, be cautious enough not to harm the mockingbirds physically.

Can You Kill a Mockingbird?

Killing mockingbirds is not only a sin but a crime before the law. The law has stringent measures that protect the interests of mockingbirds through issuing harsh charges to anyone who harms them. If people could have it their way, then most of these birds would not exist as they would be punished due to their aggressive attacks on humankind.

Wrap Up

Figuring how to deal with mockingbirds isn’t easy as it seems because of many legal aspects that protect them. For example, you can’t remove mockingbirds that have already set up their homes on your property, but you can restrict them.

The methods above are enough to help you deal with mockingbirds once and for all. I know the noise these birds produce while looking for mates can be irritating, but you can overcome it if you have fully functioning earplugs. Be careful and avoid mockingbirds at all costs.