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7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Moths in the Garage

7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Moths in the Garage

You should be worried if you start spotting moths within your garage. Moths are undoubtedly dangerous to human beings but can cause real problems to your items, including your garage. 

Moth larvae are known to attack clothing items and dry food such as bread or pasta. This should be the least of your worries if the moths are only based in your garage. 

However, if your house is directly attached to the garage, getting rid of moths should be your primary concern.  

That said, there are many ways to eliminate these moths from your garage before they become worse. Keep on reading to learn more about these options. 

But before then, let’s take a look at the type of moths. Shall we?

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Types of Moths 

Biologically, there are different types of moths, but we’re going to emphasize just two species – pantry moths and closet moths. Pantry moths acquire this name from their love of dried food items. 

While moths aren’t a big deal, they can quickly multiply if ignored. And in no time, your pasta, cereals, or another pantry item will be devoured by moth larvae. Sadly, you cannot use any item that moths have laid in eggs. As a result, you incur more losses to clean up and replace all your pantry items. 

The other type of moth that finds its way into your clothing is the closet moth. This annoying moth acquires its name from its choice of food. Not only do these moths lay eggs in your clothing but also leave holes in your favorite winter sweaters. 

Fortunately, these moths don’t infest all clothing – only those made of animal fibers. This means that your favorite dinner dress is safe from these notorious pests. As for your angora or silk outfits, you need to be on the lookout should you notice moths inside your home. 

7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Moths in the Garage

1. Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood can be helpful when trying to eliminate moths in your garage. It has a powerful scent that’s a turnoff to insects, including moths. Be sure to use it accordingly for complete effectiveness.   

Cedar has specific pheromones that serve as repellants to moths and other types of insects. You can take advantage of this and fill your garage with cedar to keep moths at bay.

You can use cedar in its natural form or as an extract. Either way, you will still get the job done. Many people prefer the latter as it’s more convenient than natural cedar. To use this, simply transfer cedar oil into a spray bottle and sprinkle it all over your garage. 

You could also use cedar oil along with an oil diffuser to discourage moths from your garage. If you’re looking for a how-to solution that will leave your garage smelling nice, then this might be your cup of tea.  

2. Special Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are a quick and convenient way to capture moths if you want to eliminate them from your garage. Most people refer to these sticky traps as flypaper, and they work exceptionally well to deter moths in garages. For efficiency, cover the sticky trap in moth pheromones to draw them to it. 

Once the moths come into contact with this flypaper, they are confined and are unable to get out. Ultimately, the moths will die, and viola, your dilemma will be solved. 

This is an excellent way to get rid of many moths in a short time, but you may also want to incorporate a deterrent method such as the one mentioned above to prevent moths from coming back to your garage in the future. 

3. Crushed-up Herbs

Another simple method that requires no trip to the store is to use crushed-up herbs. Not only will these herbs keep moths at bay, but they will also leave your garage smelling fresh.  

All you need to do is gather some herbs such as rosemary, lavender, thyme, cloves, and bay leaves. Then, crush those herbs and suspend them in tiny bags that you will put in specific areas in your garage. 

Moths are often discouraged by the powerful smells of these crushed-up herbs, thus an effective moth deterrent. You can also extract essential oil from these herbs and use it in a diffuser. This can be an excellent replacement for cedar oil. 

Regardless, this will deter moths from your garage, and you’ll find the smell pleasant if used accordingly. Using it in excess will result in bad odors, keeping people out of your garage.  

4. Clean Floors

Sometimes we become too reluctant about cleaning our garages, and that’s why moths show up there. Moths are naturally attracted to dirty environments, including dusty garages. So, if you see moths appearing more often in your garage, it might be time to clean it up. 

You can clean your garage floor once a week (probably during the weekends) to keep moths out of it. And let’s face it, a neatly kept environment is less attractive to moths and other pests. So be sure to clean your garage regularly, including the area around it. This is a simple remedy you should be thoughtful of.   

Cleaning the garage adequately will also eliminate the adult moths. When moths come into contact with any item, they leave behind larvae that cause actual damages if left unattended. They love to invade clothing items, so this should be the first thing you check out for if you notice moths within your premises.   

Generally, it’s recommended to clean up areas that have been infested with moth larvae using vinegar and water. These two have been proven effective in eliminating the moth larvae and preventing them from creating problems. With that being said, cleaning should be part of your day-to-day operations, and so is your garage.  

5. Freeze Clothes or Items That Show Signs of Moth Activity

Garages can come in handy in many ways. It can serve as a storage room for your old clothing items or winter outfits. If you notice moths or moth larvae in these items, don’t just toss them in isolated areas where you’re going to forget about them. Instead, freeze those items that show signs of moth infestation for complete effectiveness.  

This process is easy to achieve with a large freezer. Simply put your clothes and other items in the freezer, and you’re good to go. Most importantly, these items should be frozen for 24 hours to ensure there’s no moth surviving

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You shouldn’t skip this step if you have a freezer that you can use. It’s best to make sure that moth larvae are killed off, or you’re going just to have to deal with moth issues again once a bit of time has passed.

Do the right thing for your garage and your home by placing clothes and belongings in the freezer if moths have impacted them in some way.

6. Start Storing Clothes in Airtight Containers

If you’re going to store clothing items in your garage moving forward, then you should try to take certain precautions against moths.

One of the easiest things that you can do is to just use airtight containers for storing clothes. You can buy various types of totes that will lock and be airtight if you want to buy some.

Just hanging clothing items up somewhere in the garage will not be good, and you will be more likely to encounter moth issues if you do this. Understandably, you need to store some clothing items in your garage when you’re short on space, but it’s just better to use airtight containers that will keep the clothing items safe.

This advice applies to storing clothes in your house and your garage since moths can become problems just about anywhere.

It’s also good to know that you need to do your best to store clothing items in dry areas. The airtight containers will help, but you should also be mindful of any moisture issues that could develop over time.

Make good decisions when storing clothes so that you won’t run into various moth problems that will ruin them.

7. Professional Pest Control

Of course, you could simply call in professionals to help you deal with your moth problem if it is very problematic. Not everyone has a lot of time and energy to get rid of moths on their own.

If you consider yourself a busy professional, it might make sense to call in the experts and figure out how to get the best rid of the moths in your garage.

Professional moth extermination is comprehensive and it isn’t unusual at all for these companies to be able to handle things expediently. They will get rid of your moth issues in a timely fashion, and you won’t have to worry any longer.

If you just want to be done with the moths in your garage without utilizing the methods above, then calling in a pest control company makes sense.

The only fundamental negative aspect of this idea is that it is going to cost you money. If you want to handle your moth issue in the most cost-effective way possible, then cleaning and using something such as cedar oil is much more practical.

It just comes down to how much money you have, what you’re comfortable spending, how much energy you have, and whether you wish to solve the problem yourself.

Moths and our Health

Most people don’t experience any health effects from the presence of moths in the home.

Sure, they’re annoying, and they can eat up your clothes and dry foods, but for the most part, they don’t carry any diseases or typically cause any reactions in those who have allergies to other indoor insects like dust mites or silverfish.

But moth larvae – called caterpillars, just like their butterfly brethren — can cause some allergic reactions or irritation when they make contact with your skin. Some larvae have sharp spines or hairs that can sting, causing symptoms like:

  • itching
  • scaly skin
  • blisters
  • rashes
  • outbreaks of skin irritation similar to eczema
  • contact dermatitis, which causes redness, hives, and swelling

Some moth larvae or adult moths also produce glycoproteins from external substances on their bodies or wings, resulting in allergic reactions when they’re inhaledTrusted Source.

Combined with allergens from other common indoor pests, such as dust mites, moths can fill your indoor environment with insect substances that cause disruptive allergy symptoms to those with genetic dispositionsTrusted Source to allergic reactions to these proteins.

Bottom Line 

Now that you have read the advice above, it should be much easier to get rid of moths once and for all.

You know what needs to be done, and you understand the steps you can take to remedy things. All that is left to do is to take action in whatever way makes the most sense for you.

If you get rid of the moths in your garage using some of the above methods, then you should just remember to try to deter them from coming back. Taking the proper steps can keep your garage from turning back into a haven for moth activity.

Be mindful of what you’re doing and just make good choices to move forward with confidence.