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Will Lizards Crawl in Your Bed? (And Reasons For Crawling)

Will Lizards Crawl in Your Bed? (And Reasons For Crawling)

Lizards prefer dark places, so it’s not surprising to find them in cabinets, furniture, and other hidden areas.

Beds are one of the places where lizards will crawl, particularly if they have spotted an insect. They will crawl through your bedsheets and over the bed until they catch the insect.

Pet lizards that aren’t confined to a cage and aren’t afraid of you will crawl into your bed. They are accustomed to you and will crave your body’s warmth. They don’t feel frightened; therefore, they may develop a habit of crawling into your bed every night.

Can Lizard Crawl on the Bed?

It’s very rare for lizards to crawl on the bed unless it’s a pet lizard. If you see one, it’s probably searching for food but has seen an insect. Lizards love to feed on insects.

The lizard could have accidentally crawled into your bed without realizing it. However, one thing to note is that lizards are afraid of humans and will not knowingly seek them out.

Lizards will crawl on the bed if there is not enough space in your house. Your bed might be the only space available when they are looking for a place to hide. The lizard is likely to stay on your bed for a very long time if there is no disturbance.

Smaller lizards are naturally curious, and their lack of experience will lead them to your bed. If you are sleeping, the little lizard may not notice you and will remain on your bed until you move.

Reasons Why Lizards Crawl Your Bed at Night

There are several reasons why lizards will crawl onto your bed at night. Here are a few reasons why lizards will crawl on your bed.

1. A dark place to hide/sleep

Lizards are diurnal, which means they are active during the day and prefer to sleep at night. To avoid being observed by their predators, they will seek out darker spots to sleep at night.

Your bed is one of the places where they may unintentionally crawl inside without your knowledge. Lizards are often wary of humans and avoid areas where they can be seen.

2. Food

If your bed has been infested with insects, lizards might also crawl into it. Several insects prefer to stay near your bed. Lizards will be drawn to your bed by bedbugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches, spiders, or dead insects.

Lizards will take refuge under your warm and dark bed, patiently awaiting their prey. Bedbugs, in particular, will come out at night to feed on your blood. Of course, the lizard will seize the opportunity and capture them.

Cockroaches and spiders love to hide under your bed. Spiders will be able to spin webs without being disturbed, especially if you don’t clean under the bed too often. Cockroaches will lay their eggs in the bed joints, and their younglings will crawl all over your bed when they hatch.

Fruits and vegetables are some of the lizard’s favorite food. While watching a movie or reading in bed, most people are likely to take snacks. There’s a risk you’ll drop some fruit and vegetable bits and pieces on your bed. The lizards will then crawl on your bed to eat.

3. Warmth

Lizards could be seeking warmth as well. Because lizards are ectotherms, their body temperature adjusts to their environment, and they will seek warmer environments.

The nights are usually cold, and they will wander upon your warm bed while looking for a warm spot to sleep. However, once they sense your movements, lizards will run away.

How To Stop Lizards From Crawling on Your Bed?

When you imagine a lizard crawling into your bed, you won’t be able to sleep comfortably. The best option is to make sure there’s nothing in your bed that attracts lizards.

Let’s look at a few strategies to keep lizards from crawling on your bed.

  1. The most effective method to keep lizards out of your bed is to keep insects away. Insects are attracted to filthy environments in great numbers. Learn to keep your bed and surrounding areas clean to avoid attracting insects.
  1. Another method for preventing lizards from crawling on your bed is killing or chasing away the insects in the area. To keep mosquitoes away, spray vinegar on your bed.
  1. Avoid pushing your bed against the walls if you have enough space. There’s a chance that lizards will fall on your bed while chasing insects. Furthermore, no light penetrates the underside when beds are pushed against the wall, creating an ideal setting for lizards to hide.
  1. Lizards will not be able to enter your bed if you use a mosquito net. It will keep not just lizards but also other pests away from you.
  1. You will find lizards such as the monitor lizard and the komodo dragon in the wild. These two can invade your home in search of food if you live near animals. They may try to creep into your bed or attack you or your pets. Keep your windows and doors closed at all times, and report suspicious activity to the authorities.

Is It Safe To Sleep With a Lizard in the Room?

Lizards aren’t poisonous, and they don’t bite. The majority of the time, they will flee from humans. However, you may find yourself sleeping in the same room as a lizard, albeit in different parts of the room.

You can feel a lizard crawling on you. While the lizard is unlikely to hurt you, sleeping with a lizard crawling all over your body will be uncomfortable. Lizards will often not seek you out most of the time, but it is likely if your home is heavily infested.

Lizards, like all reptiles, can infect you with salmonella bacteria, which causes food poisoning. Even if they don’t bite, don’t get too used to seeing a lizard in your house. It should be enough to get rid of them because they contaminate your food by dropping feces.

What Smell Do Lizards Hate?

Garlic, onion, pepper, cayenne, and hot sauce are all repulsive to lizards. Keeping a few garlic cloves or onion slices about the house will help keep lizards away. You can also mix the spices with warm water and spray the mixture all over your house.

You can also put some lizard-repellent plants in your garden. Pencil trees, peppermint, and eucalyptus are some plants you can use to keep lizards away from your garden.

Coffee aroma is another distinct smell that lizards hate. You may either sprinkle the powder alone or combine it with coffee powder and water and spray it all over your house.

When you place naphthalene balls in areas where lizards frequent, the odor will keep them away. Chemicals, such as naphthalene balls, are undesirable to lizards. 

Lizards are repelled by the smell of mosquito repellents, which is a chemical. Mosquito repellents will keep mosquitoes at bay or even kill them. There will be no reason for the lizard to come along because mosquitoes or insects are a major food source for lizards.

The smell of eggshells will repel lizards. Don’t throw away the eggshells after you’ve finished making the omelets. Simply wipe them clean and scatter them in areas where you’ve seen lizards. To avoid getting your home filthy and inviting other insects, remember to remove them the next day.

Can Lizards Come Through The Toilet?

If a lizard can fit into your drain pipes, it can come through the toilet. Small lizards will typically go into your drain pipes, searching for insects that frequent those areas.

If you don’t keep your toilet area clean, you’ll find flies among the insects. Water attracts lizards, and the mix of water and insects will draw them into your drains.

It is always good to examine the toilet bowl before using it. While most lizards are uninterested in humans, a dangerous one such as the teju lizard, monitor lizard, or Komodo dragon may enter your toilet.

Will Vinegar Repel Lizards?

You can get rid of lizards with vinegar and lemon, two DIY cures. The two will scorch the lizard’s skin, causing it to burn. The acidic properties of vinegar will irritate the lizard’s eyes and skin.

Here’s how to make a vinegar mixture that you can spray around your house to keep lizards away.


  • Vinegar- 2 tablespoons
  • Lemon juice- 1 tablespoon
  • Spray bottle
  • Cayenne pepper-1 teaspoon( to make the mixture more effective)


  1. Put all the ingredients in a spray bottle and mix properly.
  2. You can proceed to spray on the areas where you see the lizard’s tracks or the lizards themselves.


Lizards are not pests to be afraid of because they are relatively harmless. However, keeping them away from your home is better because they might spread infections.

You’ll be shocked to find them in your bed, but that’s not a good enough reason to kill them. What attracts the lizards to your bed and what you can do to keep them away have been highlighted in the article.

It’s not a good idea to get rid of lizards because they can keep other insects away. All you have to do is keep them from crawling into your bed.